Talk with
your data


Only 18% say their organizations are getting a sufficient return on their investment in analytics

Jelly Data is a conversational Business Intelligence Solution allowing your non technical people to talk with their data and get return on your investment in analytics.

Query your data with your own words thanks to JellyData Language understanding engine, no need for help from analysts or Business Intelligence developers
  • Get the information instantly from JellyData without having to contact your BI specialist or login in any third party solution.
  • Your CEO gets into her car in the morning and start asking JellyData from her phone about what happened the previous day on her way to her office.
  • You are in a meeting and ask Jelly Data about insights just like you would use Google Home or Amazon Alexa at home.

The solution

JellyData is a powerful development platform to create, publish and manage your Business Intelligence bots. It is very powerful but easy to use.


Connect easily to many different sources of data (eg. Google Analytics, Google Sheets, SQL Databases, Stripe, ...) and choose which data to be accessible through JellyData.

Train your bot

Train your bot with your data thanks to JellyData state of the art NLU engine and understand your user requests. No complex programming needed on your side.

Deploy your bot

Deploy in a few clicks on any platform (Slack, Google Hangouts, email, website widget, etc...).

Customize your bot

Create your own specific reports or use JellyData API to adapt to your needs.

Clients & Partners

JellyData is currently in beta and we are lucky to have exceptional partners and beta users such as the following ones: